OQ brought high-performance hard packaging polymer solutions
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At this exhibition, OQ, a global comprehensive energy company headquartered in Oman, brought profound insights and advanced solutions in the field of hard packaging, helping customers in Northeast and Southeast Asia better meet market demand.

As one of the largest and most influential plastic and rubber trade exhibitions in the world, CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition grandly opened on April 17th in Shenzhen, China. At this exhibition, OQ, a global comprehensive energy company headquartered in Oman, brought profound insights and advanced solutions in the field of hard packaging, helping customers in Northeast and Southeast Asia better meet market demand.

With the growth of population and the demand for green development, in 2022, the Asia Pacific hard packaging market accounted for 39% of the global hard packaging market revenue. The market demand in Northeast and Southeast Asian countries has maintained strong growth. Among them, the size of China's hard packaging market reached 16 billion US dollars in 2022, and is expected to exceed 56 billion US dollars by 2030. The annual compound growth rate from 2023 to 2030 will reach 4.7%. This significant growth trend is mainly due to the increasing public attention to food safety, as well as the rapid growth in food and beverage express delivery volume brought about by the booming development of the e-commerce industry. These factors collectively drive the market towards lighter, more durable, reusable, and aesthetically pleasing hard packaging. At the same time, packaging manufacturers are also seeking ways to improve production efficiency to meet the sustainable goals of continuous development.

At this exhibition, OQ brought high-performance hard packaging polymer solutions to help customers better respond to these trends. For example, the OQLUBAN HP2151T, which is specially designed for thin-walled packaging, has high fluidity (60MFR), faster cooling speed, and lower warpage, which can help packaging manufacturers shorten cycle time by about 5% and significantly improve production efficiency. In addition, this brand can save 15% of energy consumption and reduce 8% of carbon dioxide emissions during the molding process, further improving sustainability. In addition, its optimized performance, such as stronger stiffness, helps achieve a thinner packaging design to reduce weight, while reducing haze by about 25%, giving it a beautiful appearance.

In addition, OQ also showcases a wide range of hard packaging solutions, including: homopolymer polypropylene OQLUBAN HP1151K, impact copolymer OQLUBAN EP2348R, random copolymer OQLUBAN RP7204G, and linear low-density polyethylene OQLUBAN DNDA-8320. These solutions all have advantages such as ease of processing, good impact resistance, and good rigidity and toughness balance. After careful design and strict testing, they can be widely used in various application scenarios such as food and beverage packaging, household goods, personal and home care containers, etc.

Ms. Huang Chun, General Manager of Manhua Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said, "OQ closely follows the development trends of the market and is committed to developing market-oriented solutions. We carefully listen to customer needs, help them meet unique challenges, and work closely with them to create high-value solutions together.We always firmly believe that cooperation is a necessary factor in promoting sustainable growth of OQ”

Taking OQLUBAN HP2151T as an example, OQ has collaborated with a well-known thin-walled packaging manufacturer in China to continuously optimize the process formula to solve many technical problems such as warping, demolding difficulties, and insufficient filling during the production process. Finally, it received high recognition from the customer. In addition, OQ has collaborated with the Singapore office and Shanghai laboratory of globally renowned additive supplier Merican to test and validate the competitive advantage of this brand.

OQ adheres to the principle of "customer-centric" and relies on regional sales offices and technical service teams located in Oman, India, Türkiye, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and China to provide quality services and products to customers around the world. OQ has deployed shipping hubs in Northeast and Southeast Asia to be closer to various key markets. In China, OQ utilizes multiple routes from four major ports to support business operations. Thanks to OQ's strategic geographical location in the port of Oman's Suhar, its average delivery time is 18-24 days, which is better than the average delivery speed from other Middle Eastern countries to China.

Abdul Rahman Al Tamtami, Vice President of Global Marketing for OQ Polymers, stated: With our constantly growing service team and expanding sales network, our comprehensive competitiveness is also constantly improving. We continue to pay attention to the emerging business opportunities in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, especially in China. We look forward to in-depth communication with Chinese customers and partners at CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, and jointly explore more possibilities for value growth in the field of hard packaging.

Recently, OQ will also launch two hard packaging solutions - impact copolymer OQLUBAN EP2348T and random copolymer OQLUBAN RP2151T, to further expand its product portfolio. These two brands are designed specifically for the injection molding process of food packaging, with high fluidity, ease of processing, and good impact resistance. They can be used in different application scenarios, such as frozen containers or transparent containers.